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Abstract Algebra done Concretely Donu Arapura

Summary: Abstract Algebra done Concretely
Donu Arapura
February 19, 2004
Introduction: I wrote these notes for my math 453 class since I couldn't
find a book that covered basic abstract algebra with the level and emphasis that
I wanted. Rather than spending a lot of time on axiomatics and serious theorem
proving, I wanted to spend more time with examples, simple applications and
with making scenic detours. I may have gotten a bit carried away with the
detours, and certainly there is more here than can be covered in a semester at
a reasonable pace. However, a lot of these side topics (which I marked with a
star) can be skipped to save time. In order to try to encourage students to play
around with examples, I tried to include some Maple code now and then. But
its role is secondary and it can be ignored without losing too much. Also since
I wanted to emphasize the mathematics rather than the algorithms, I didn't go
out of my way to implement these things efficiently.
If you find typos or more serious errors, send me email.
- Donu Arapura (dvb@math.purdue.edu)
1 Natural Numbers 5


Source: Arapura, Donu - Department of Mathematics, Purdue University


Collections: Mathematics