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This article was written for CTI Maths & Stats. 9, (1998), 17--20. My experience of using SPlus for teaching, and Introduction to

Summary: This article was written for CTI Maths & Stats. 9, (1998), 17--20.
My experience of using S­Plus for teaching, and Introduction to
S­Plus for Generalized Linear Modelling worksheets
P.M.E.Altham, Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge CB2 1SB
Director of Studies for the M.Phil. in Statistical Science
(commencing October 1, 1998)
How I got started
I began to learn the `statistical system' S­Plus in the summer of 1992, and
then was able to use it for teaching, admittedly with more enthusiasm than
expertise, in the academic year 1992­3.
Although I came to S­Plus having been quite a happy and confident user
of such statistical computing packages as Glim and Genstat, and having had a
nodding acquaintance with SPSS and BMDP, I have to admit that I found it
quite hard to `get my mind around' the S­Plus syntax at first, probably because
of its object­orientated nature. For example, after Glim or Genstat the S­Plus
way of doing an ordinary linear regression seems cumbersome and heavy­handed.
Those of us who can understand the Glim directives
$yvar y$fit x$d e r$


Source: Altham, Pat - Statistical Laboratory, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge


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