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A Collaborative Undergraduate Course for Pen-based Computing using Tablet PCs

Summary: 1
A Collaborative Undergraduate Course for Pen-based Computing
using Tablet PCs
Daniel G. Aliaga, Gustavo Rodriguez-Rivera, Dongyan Xu
aliaga@cs.purdue.edu, grr@cs.purdue.edu, dxu@cs.purdue.edu
Department of Computer Science at Purdue University
Pen-based technology provides new means for interfacing with digital computers. At Purdue University, we have been
developing courses that allows computer science undergraduates to explore non-traditional human-computer interfaces, to
implement complex working systems, and to give them hands-on experience in developing team projects. After the first two
years, we have successfully implemented a multitude of pen-based applications, across a wide-range of areas. In this paper,
we present a summary of the course organization, projects, evaluations, and future directions.
1. Problem Statement and Context
We are interested in developing novel interfaces to digital computing technology. Currently
keyboard and computer mice are the dominant input devices. Pen-based technology provides a much
more intuitive and natural interface to computer applications. To foment the development of novel
applications and to create the appropriate mindset, we wish to expose undergraduate students to such
non-traditional human-computer interaction methods early in their education. Such intuitive and
interesting applications will both attract students to Computer Science and expose the public to the
benefits of modern non-traditional human-computer interfaces.


Source: Aliaga, Daniel G. - Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences