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proper software could for instance automatically gather con-text information from the surroundings of a phone, and use

Summary: proper software could for instance automatically gather con-
text information from the surroundings of a phone, and use
this as a filtering mechanism [cf. 10].
An alternative to the use of adaptive context-aware devices
that takes on the role of the secretary, is to address the origi-
nal problem, namely that the phone call as such is placed
out of context. Creating technology that decides what is
important or not, is, at least most of the time, much harder
than presenting the proper information to the users and let-
ting them decide. If this burden of deciding is placed on the
receiver of a message there is little done to help the commu-
nication overload, but if it is placed on the sender it can be
done as a part of the activity of placing the call itself. Pro-
viding the calling party with information about the context
of the person she is trying to reach, even before she makes
the call, makes it possible for her to decide when to initiate
the communication and how.
Current phone technologies provide very little context infor-
mation. At the network level, there is Caller ID, which


Source: Abowd, Gregory D. - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences