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Unified Declarative Platform for Secure Networked Information Systems

Summary: Unified Declarative Platform for Secure
Networked Information Systems
Wenchao Zhou Yun Mao Boon Thau Loo Mart´in Abadi

University of Pennsylvania
UC Santa Cruz
Microsoft Research
{wenchaoz, maoy, boonloo}@cis.upenn.edu, abadi@microsoft.com
Abstract-- We present a unified declarative platform for specify-
ing, implementing, and analyzing secure networked information
systems. Our work builds upon techniques from logic-based trust
management systems, declarative networking, and data analysis
via provenance. We make the following contributions. First,
we propose the Secure Network Datalog (SeNDlog) language
that unifies Binder, a logic-based language for access control
in distributed systems, and Network Datalog, a distributed
recursive query language for declarative networks. SeNDlog
enables network routing, information systems, and their security
policies to be specified and implemented within a common
declarative framework. Second, we extend existing distributed


Source: Abadi, Martín - Department of Computer Science, University of California at Santa Cruz


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences