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Tool support for language design and prototyping with Montages

Summary: Tool support for language design and
prototyping with Montages
Matthias Anlau 1, Philipp W. Kutter2, and Alfonso Pierantonio2
GMD FIRST, Berlin, Germany
Institute TIK, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Abstract. In this paper, we describe the tool Gem-Mex, supporting
Montages, a visual formalism for the speci cation of imperative object
oriented programming languages.
Introduction Montages KP97 form a graphical notation for expressing the
syntax and semantics of imperative and object oriented languages. Every syntac-
tic construct has its meaning speci ed by a Montage, which consist of a diagram
de ning graphically the control and data ow, and textually the semantic ac-
tions of the construct. The control- ow edges show how behavior of the construct
is composed from the behavior of its components, and data- ow edges enable
semantic actions to access the attributes of the construct's components.
The Montages formalism is tuned towards ease of writability, readability,
maintenance, and reuse of speci cations. The hope is that, like Wirth's `syntax
diagrams', a graphical notation may help in making formal language descrip-


Source: Anlauff, Matthias - Kestrel Institute


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences