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Optimized View Frustum Culling Algorithms for Bounding Boxes

Summary: Optimized View Frustum Culling
Algorithms for Bounding Boxes
Ulf Assarsson and Tomas M¨oller
Department of Computer Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Accepted for publication in journals of graphics tools
March 1999, revised February 2000
This paper presents optimizations for faster view frustum culling (VFC) for axis aligned bounding box
(AABB) and oriented bounding box (OBB) hierarchies. We exploit frame-to-frame coherency by caching and
by comparing against previous distances and rotation angles. By using an octant test, we potentially halve the
number of plane tests needed, and we also evaluate masking, which is a well-known technique. The optimizations
can be used for arbitrary bounding volumes, but we only present results for AABBs and OBBs. In particular, we
provide solutions which is 2 , 11 times faster than other VFC algorithms for AABBs and OBBs, depending on
the circumstances.
1 Introduction
Bounding volume hierarchies are commonly used to speed up the rendering of a scene by using a view frustum
culling (VFC) algorithm on the hierarchy [Clark76]. Each node in the hierarchy has a bounding volume (BV)
that encloses a part of the scene. The hierarchy is traversed from the root, and if a BV is found to be outside
the frustum during the traversal, then the contents of that BV need not be processed further, and performance is


Source: Assarsson, Ulf - Department of Computer Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology
Lunds Universitet, Department of Computer Science, Computer Graphics Group


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences