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Mathematical Research Letters 7, 19 (2000) LINE BUNDLES, RATIONAL POINTS AND IDEAL CLASSES

Summary: Mathematical Research Letters 7, 19 (2000)
A. Agboola and G. Pappas
In this note, we will use the term "arithmetic variety" for a normal scheme X
for which the structure morphism f : X Spec(Z) is proper and flat. Let V be
a proper, normal (not necessarily geometrically connected) variety over Q. Let
us choose a normal model for V over Z, that is an arithmetic variety X whose
generic fiber is identified with V . Suppose that F is a number field and consider
the F-rational points of V . These correspond bijectively to R-valued points of
X, with R the ring of integers of F. If P is an F-rational point of V , we will
also denote by P : Spec(R) X the corresponding R-valued point of X.
Suppose that L is a line bundle on the arithmetic variety X. We say that L is
trivial, when it is isomorphic to the structure sheaf OX. We will denote by P
the pull-back of L to Spec(R) via the morphism P; then P
L is a line bundle
on Spec(R). It gives an element (P
L) in the class group Pic(R) of R. In what
follows, we will identify Pic(R) with the ideal class group Cl(F). This paper is
motivated by the following question of the second named author:


Source: Agboola, Adebisi - Department of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Mathematics