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Instructions for enrolling in either TCSS 498 Directed Readings or TCSS 499 Directed Research

Summary: Instructions for enrolling in either TCSS 498 Directed
Readings or TCSS 499 Directed Research
The process for enrolling in TCSS 498 and TCSS 499 can be lengthy. It requires significant
preparatory work with a faculty member and several steps for approval. Begin the process
The form (i.e., TCSS 498 OR TCSS 499) must be submitted to the undergraduate academic
adviser no later than Wednesday of the 7th week of the quarter by 5:00 pm, prior to the
beginning of the quarter in which you plan to take the class.
1. Completion of Prerequisites
The program core curriculum must normally be completed prior to taking TCSS 498/499
courses. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program should have completed TCSS
360, Bachelors of Science students must complete TCSS 422. Only under unusual
circumstances will a TCSS 498/499 be considered if you have not completed the core. If you
have not completed the core, you must state why you wish to enroll in either TCSS 498/499
prior to completing the core course(s) and when you plan to enroll in any deficient core
course(s) at the time that you submit your proposal. You are strongly encouraged to
complete these deficiencies either concurrently or in the subsequent quarter.
2. Developing a Plan
A TCSS 498/499 course must have faculty supervision and endorsement. Plan the
coursework with the faculty member and develop a proposal. The proposal to take TCSS


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences