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Speed Search in Truth Tables (SSTT) A complete inductive approach to SAT

Summary: Speed Search in Truth Tables (SSTT)
A complete inductive approach to SAT
Pieter Adriaans pietera@science.uva.nl
Human Computer Studies Lab, University of Amsterdam, Kruislaan 419, Matrix I, 1098 VA, Amsterdam
In this paper I analyze some variants of a
class of simple complete algorithms for the
satis ability problem (SAT) that are moti-
vated by an analogy between problem solv-
ing and counting. To my knowledge this
class of algorithms, which I call Speed Search
in Truth Tables (SSTT), has not been stud-
ied extensively. Results show that the ap-
plication of on-line grammar induction algo-
rithms to proof processes (Inductive-SSTT)
may lead to considerable e∆ciency improve-
ments. Empirical evaluation on a set of prob-
lems from the SATLIB database corroborate
the theoretical results. Although inductive-
SSTT is less e∆cient than state-of-the-art


Source: Adriaans, Pieter - Instituut voor Informatica, Universiteit van Amsterdam


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences