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ART 7030/7030/7040 Graduate Drawing Instructor: Christopher Hocking

ART 7030/7030/7040 Graduate Drawing
Instructor: Christopher Hocking
Office Hrs: by appt.
email chocking@uga.edu
This course is designed to direct the graduate student towards greater sophistication
and understanding of invention, problem solving, medium experimentation, technical
skill, research, criticism, and professionalism as practiced in contemporary drawing
idioms. However rather than a traditional definition of that discipline in this course we
will define drawing, "not as a strictly circumscribed mode of expression but a "zone of
Each person's notion of culture will be examined through the term as well their ideas
about image- making. The premise for this class is studio practice and we will insist on
constant and sustained efforts.
Participants are expected to be professional, highly motivated, and ready to discover
and mature personal images through various stylistic and conceptual mechanisms. The
studio portion of the course will constitute approximately 85% of the course. You will be
required to formulate, research and execute individually directed projects; to write
about your work, to frame it contextually, and to present it to others. The balance of


Source: Arnold, Jonathan - Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center & Department of Genetics, University of Georgia


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