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Alternative splicing: current perspectives

Summary: Alternative splicing:
current perspectives
Eddo Kim,{
Amir Goren,{
and Gil Ast*
Alternative splicing is a well-characterized mechanism by
which multiple transcripts are generated from a single
mRNA precursor. By allowing production of several
protein isoforms from one pre-mRNA, alternative splicing
contributes to proteomic diversity. But what do we know
about the origin of this mechanism? Do the same
evolutionary forces apply to alternatively and constitu-
tively splice exons? Do similar forces act on all types of
alternative splicing? Are the products generated by
alternative splicing functional? Why is ``improper'' rec-
ognition of exons and introns allowed by the splicing
machinery? In this review, we summarize the current
knowledge regarding these issues from an evolutionary
perspective. BioEssays 30:3847, 2008.


Source: Ast, Gil - Department of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Biology and Medicine