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Systems Engineering Design Project (ENPM-643) Instructor: Mark A. Austin

Summary: Systems Engineering Design Project (ENPM-643)
Instructor: Mark A. Austin
Smart School ID System
Submitted By: Alpa Kothari, Neha Dua
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Purpose: Setup Problem
Topics: Overview of Smart School ID system architecture, system framework and
boundary, terminology.
2. Goals, Scenarios and Use Cases
Purpose: Develop use cases, scenarios and system requirements
Topics: Goals and Scenarios, actors, initial use cases
3. Generation of Requirements from Use Cases
Purpose: Generate system/ subsystem requirements
Topics: Generate the high level or system requirements from the use cases, synthesize
and break down high level requirements into low level requirements, organize the
requirements into layers, traceability of requirements to use cases
4. Models of System Behavior
Purpose: Create simplified models of behavior
Topics: Activity Diagrams, Statechart Diagrams


Source: Austin, Mark - Institute for Systems Research & Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Engineering