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Introduction Common sense suggests that predation must play some, prob-

Summary: 428
Common sense suggests that predation must play some, prob-
ably important, role in the ecology of marine fishes. Many
fishes are piscivorous, and virtually all fishes are vulnerable to
predation at some point in their lives. Until recently, however,
the effects of predation on the ecology of populations and com-
munities of marine fishes were poorly known, although the
subject of widespread speculation (Hixon, 1991). A recent spat
of experimental work, reviewed in this chapter, has advanced
considerably our understanding of the role of predators in the
ecology of marine fishes, yet much remains to be done before
we have a better sense of the general importance of predation.
Coincidentally, much of the recent work on fish predation has
been done on California's temperate reef fishes. To provide
context and evaluate the generality of studies from California,
we compare this body of work to similar studies conducted
elsewhere, mainly on tropical coral reefs. We conclude by
highlighting several aspects of predation in particular that are
in need of more detailed study.


Source: Anderson, Todd - Department of Biology, San Diego State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Environmental Sciences and Ecology