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Publications Citing the Work of Sheldon Axler

Summary: Publications Citing the Work of
Sheldon Axler
· A. Abdollahi and K. Seggidhi, Finite codimensional invariant subspaces
of Banach spaces of analytic functions, Rocky Mountain Journal of
Mathematics 29 (1999), 369­381.
· Gregory T. Adams, The Bergman Bilateral Shift, Ph.D. thesis, Indiana
University, 1984.
· Gregory T. Adams, The bilateral Bergman shift, Memoirs of the
American Mathematical Society 63 (1986), no. 355.
· V. M. Adamyan, D. Z. Arov, and M. G. Krein, Approximation of bounded
functions by elements of H
+ C, Linear and Complex Analysis Problem
Book, Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1984, 254­258.
· Patrick Ahern, On the range of the Berezin transform, Journal of
Functional Analysis 215 (2004), 206­216.
· Patrick Ahern and Zeljko Cuckovi´c, A theorem of Brown-Halmos type
for Bergman space Toeplitz operators, Journal of Functional Analysis
187 (2001), 200­210.
· Patrick Ahern and Zeljko Cuckovi´c, Products of Toeplitz operators on
the Bergman space, Illinois Journal of Mathematics 45 (2001), 113­121.


Source: Axler, Sheldon - Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, San Francisco State University


Collections: Mathematics