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72 10-2011 elektor RETRONICS XL

Summary: 72 10-2011 elektor
The Chaos Machine
Analogue Computing Rediscovered (2)
The analogue computer we set out to describe in the previous
instalment was constructed from separate computation modules
for multiplication, integration, summation and scaling, combined to
represent the Lorenz 1963 equation system (ref. part 1). The circuits
for the modules are largely based on suggestions in Peyton and
Walsh, Analog Electronics with Op Amps: A Source Book of Practical
Circuits, where more details on their functionality can be found. We
found the use of breadboards very suitable for this project but have
also made a soldered version that travels better.
Modular approach to Chaos
Figure 1 provides an overview of how the computational modules
are combined, in terms of the signal paths and Figures 2a
through 2g provide individual circuit schematics for each of the
computational modules required. A summary of their function is
given below, but first the
Block diagram (Figure 1). This figure shows the combination


Source: Ambaum, Maarten - Department of Meteorology, University of Reading


Collections: Geosciences