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Blind attraction: The mechanism of an inherited congenital cataract

Summary: Blind attraction: The mechanism of an inherited
congenital cataract
Neer Asherie1
Departments of Physics and Biology, Yeshiva University, New York, NY 10033-3312
ataract is the leading cause of
blindness in the world, and most
cataracts are age-related (1).
The proteins in the lens degrade
with time, and the subsequent aggregation
of the modified proteins produces an in-
crease in light scattering, and hence a loss
of vision (2). There are cases, however, in
which cataract is an inherited single-gene
disorder. Currently, around 60 such cata-
racts have been identified (3). In these
cases, the cause of the disease is a muta-
tion in the genes that code for the lens
proteins. Unlike age-related cataracts, in-
herited cataracts occur in children as well


Source: Asherie, Neer - Departments of Physics & Biology, Yeshiva University


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Physics