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The Best Semester Project Ever February 25, 2000

Summary: The Best Semester Project Ever
Me N. You
February 25, 2000
1 What
Explain what you are going to be reading about or implementing for your semester project. Say why this
topic interests you. Convince me that this topic is exciting to you and that you will learn a lot from working
on it. Specify exactly what your goal is for the project, in terms of what you want to learn from doing this.
Your proposal should be at least three pages long. You may use LaTex or another formatter like MS
Word or WordPerfect.
Just as an example, here is a gure that I refer to as Figure 1.
2 How and When
Detail the steps you plan to take to accomplish your goal and what resources you will use. Include a tentative
timeline. Here is an example:
1. March 5 Read rst paper
2. March 10 Read second paper
3. end of March Summarize both papers in about 5 pages
4. April 15 Implement technique in rst paper in Java
5. April 20 Test the implementation with one example
6. April 30 Write up my results in about 5 pages
7. May 2 Prepare oral report


Source: Anderson, Charles W. - Department of Computer Science, Colorado State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences