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Robot Navigation in Centimeter Range Labyrinths G. Caprari, K.O. Arras and R. Siegwart

Summary: Robot Navigation in Centimeter Range Labyrinths
G. Caprari, K.O. Arras and R. Siegwart
Institute of Robotics Systems
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)
CH­1015 Lausanne
E-mail: gilles.caprari@epfl.ch
Abstract. This paper presents a topological-metric approach to navigation for mobile mini robots
(MMRs). Motivated by future applications of MMRs like remote inspection tasks in small pipe
systems, we investigate narrow, labyrinth-like environments (corridors width of 3 cm). Experiments
in navigation tasks like local localization, global localization and map-building are carried out with
our autonomous robot Alice (dimensions 2x2x2 cm). The paper describes the robot, its locomotion,
sensors, communication and user interface. We further discuss sensor modeling for odometry and
mapping, place recognition and finally their typical limitations for MMRs. The experimental results
suggest that even with a robot of limited size like Alice, it is possible to successfully navigate in
environments never reachable before. This opens up new applications for mobile mini robots and
motivates further research.
1 Introduction
In the last decades many efforts have been done to reduce the size of mobile robots and many
research labs around the world have shown smart and impressive results letting us imagine even


Source: Arras, Kai O. - Institut für Informatik, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences