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Animating Exploding Objects Oleg Mazarak Claude Martins John Amanatides

Summary: Animating Exploding Objects
Oleg Mazarak Claude Martins John Amanatides
Department of Computer Science
York University
The paper explores the physically-based modeling of a
blast wave impact on surrounding objects. We propose
a connected voxel representation of objects to model
explosions that result in realistic solid debris, rather
than flat polygons. The paper also presents improved
fracture algorithms capable of accounting for the dam-
age of multiple explosions. The important implementa-
tion issues and the results of the simulation are dis-
Key words: Explosions, blast waves, connected voxels,
spring-mass particle model, rigid bodies, solid model-
ing, physically-based modeling
1 Introduction
Despite the growing interest in explosions, especially in
visual effects, recent publications on the topic can


Source: Amanatides, John - Department of Computer Science, York University (Toronto)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences