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Occlusion-Based Accurate Silhouettes from Video Streams

Summary: Occlusion-Based Accurate Silhouettes
from Video Streams
Pedro M.Q. Aguiar, Ant´onio R. Miranda, and Nuno de Castro
Institute for Systems and Robotics / Instituto Superior T´ecnico
Lisboa, Portugal
Abstract. We address the problem of segmenting out moving objects
from video. The majority of current approaches use only the image mo-
tion between two consecutive frames and fail to capture regions with
low spatial gradient, i.e., low textured regions. To overcome this limi-
tation, we model explicitly: i) the occlusion of the background by the
moving object and ii) the rigidity of the moving object across a set of
frames. The segmentation of the moving object is accomplished by com-
puting the Maximum Likelihood (ML) estimate of its silhouette from the
set of video frames. To minimize the ML cost function, we developed a
greedy algorithm that updates the object silhouette, converging in few
iterations. Our experiments with synthetic and real videos illustrate the
accuracy of our segmentation algorithm.
1 Introduction
Content-based representations for video enable efficient storage and transmis-


Source: Aguiar, Pedro M. Q. - Institute for Systems and Robotics (Lisbon)


Collections: Engineering