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Case-Based Reasoning -An Introduction

Summary: Case-Based Reasoning
- An Introduction
Agnar Aamodt
University of Trondheim, Department of Informatics
N-7055 Dragvoll, Norway.
E-mail: agnar.aamodt@ifi.unit.no, Fax: +47 73 591733, Phone: +47 73 591838
1. Introduction
Case-based reasoning is a recent approach to knowledge-based problem solving and
decision support: A new problem is solved by remembering a previous similar situation and
by reusing information and knowledge of that situation. Let us illustrate this by looking at
some typical problem solving situations:
A physician is examining a patient in his office. He gets a reminding to a patient that he
treated two weeks ago. Assuming that the reminding was caused by a similarity of important
symptoms, the physician uses the diagnosis and treatment of the previous patient to
determine the disease and treatment for the patient in front of him.
A financial consultant working on a difficult credit decision task uses a reminding to a
previous case, which involved a company in similar trouble as the current one, to
recommend that the loan application should be refused.
A drilling engineer has experienced several dramatic blow out situations. He is quickly
reminded of one of these situations when the combination of critical measurements during


Source: Aamodt, Agnar - Department of Computer and Information Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences