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Self-Organizing Relays in LTE networks: Queuing analysis and algorithms

Summary: Self-Organizing Relays in LTE networks: Queuing
analysis and algorithms
Richard Combes,Zwi Altman and Eitan Altman
France Telecom Research and Development
38/40 rue du G´en´eral Leclerc,92794 Issy-les-Moulineaux
INRIA Sophia Antipolis
06902 Sophia Antipolis, France
Abstract--Relay stations are an important component of het-
erogeneous networks (HetNets) introduced in the LTE-Advanced
technology as a means to provide very high capacity and QoS all
over the cell area. This paper develops a self-organizing network
(SON) feature to optimally allocate resources between backhaul
and station to mobile links. Static and dynamic resource sharing
mechanisms are investigated. In the static case we provide a queu-
ing model to calculate the optimal resource sharing strategy and
the maximal capacity of the network analytically. The influence of
relay planning and number of deployed relays is investigated, and
the gains resulting from good planning are evaluated analytically.


Source: Altman, Eitan.- Projet Maestro, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis


Collections: Engineering