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Pipelined Implementation of the Hough Transform in a Pyramid Multiprocessor

Summary: Pipelined Implementation of the Hough
Transform in a Pyramid Multiprocessor
M. Atiquzzaman
Dept. of Computer Science
La Trobe University, Melbourne 3083, Australia.
Email: atiq@LATCS1.lat.oz.au
The Hough transform is used to detect patterns in images. Efficient algorithms
and their implementations in multiprocessor systems have been proposed to over­
come the computational requirements. An efficient pipelined implementation of the
transform in a pyramid machine has been proposed. The proposed implementation
considers task scheduling to ensure uniform computational load among the proces­
sor elements in the pyramid. The Multiresolution Hough transform (MHT) has
been selected for implementation in the pyramid machine.
Index terms: Pyramid architecture, Hough transform, Image processing, Multiresolu­
tion analysis, Pipelined processing.
1 Introduction
The Hough transform [1] is a powerful technique to detect patterns in images. The
transform maps patterns from the image plane to a parameter space. The advantages of
the transform are its robustness to noise in the image and discontinuities in the pattern


Source: Atiquzzaman, Mohammed - School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences