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Cell, Vol. 100, Neuron Vol. 25, S1S55, February, 2000, Copyright 2000 by Cell Press Neural Science: Review

Summary: Cell, Vol. 100, Neuron Vol. 25, S1­S55, February, 2000, Copyright ©2000 by Cell Press
Neural Science: Review
A Century of Progress and
the Mysteries that Remain
aspects of cognitive function. Some lesions interfere
with comprehension of language, other with the expres-
sion of language; still other lesions interfere with the
perception of visual motion or of shape, with the storage
of long-term memories, or with voluntary action. In the
Thomas D. Albright,* Thomas M. Jessell,
Eric R. Kandel, and Michael I. Posner
*Howard Hughes Medical Institute
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
San Diego, California 92186
largest sense, these studies revealed that all mental Howard Hughes Medical Institute
processes, no matter how complex, derive from theand Center for Neurobiology and Behavior
brain and that the key to understanding any given mentalDepartment of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
process resides in understanding how coordinated sig-College of Physicians and Surgeons
naling in interconnected brain regions gives rise to be-of Columbia University
havior. Thus, one consequence of this top­down analy-New York, New York 10032


Source: Albright, Tom - Vision Center Laboratory, Salk Institute for Biological Studies


Collections: Biology and Medicine