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21-700 Mathematical Logic II Spring 2011 MWF 11:30 WEH 7201

Summary: 21-700 Mathematical Logic II
Spring 2011 MWF 11:30 WEH 7201
Professor Andrews
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Office: WEH 7216
email: andrews@cmu.edu or pa01@andrew.cmu.edu
Phones: 412-268-2554 (office), 412-767-5564 (home)
Usual office hours:
Web site
Peter B. Andrews, An Introduction to Mathematical Logic and Type Theory: To Truth
Through Proof, Second Edition, Kluwer Academic Publishers, now published by Springer, 2002.
Please tell me about any misprints you notice, or suggestions about the next edition you wish
to make.
This semester we will cover Chapters 5 - 7. The lectures will correspond closely to the material
in the book. You are expected to read the material in the book corresponding to the material
covered in class. The purpose of the lectures is to help you understand and thoroughly absorb this
material, so you are always encouraged to ask questions during lectures.
Computer assignments


Source: Andrews, Peter B. - Department of Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University


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