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Towards a Better Understanding of Context and Context-Awareness

Summary: Towards a Better Understanding of Context and
Anind K. Dey and Gregory D. Abowd
Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center and College of Computing,
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA 30332-0280
{anind, abowd}@cc.gatech.edu
Abstract. The use of context is important in interactive applications. It is par-
ticularly important for applications where the user's context is changing rap-
idly, such as in both handheld and ubiquitous computing. In order to better un-
derstand how we can use context and facilitate the building of context-aware
applications, we need to more fully understand what constitutes a context-
aware application and what context is. Towards this goal, we have surveyed
existing work in context-aware computing. In this paper, we provide an over-
view of the results of this survey and, in particular, definitions and categories of
context and context-aware. We conclude with recommendations for how this
better understanding of context inform a framework for the development of
context-aware applications.
1 Introduction
Humans are quite successful at conveying ideas to each other and reacting appropri-
ately. This is due to many factors: the richness of the language they share, the com-


Source: Abowd, Gregory D. - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences