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Training materials for Graduate Chairs and Directors, 3/15/10 Page 1 of 3 LEAVE OF ABSENCE OFFICE

Summary: Training materials for Graduate Chairs and Directors, 3/15/10 Page 1 of 3
915 E. Washington Street 1530 Rackham Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1070
Phone: 734-647-2640 Secured Fax: 734-615-8042
rackham.loa@umich.edu www.rackham.umich.edu/doctoral_students
What should a graduate chair or graduate program director consider if a
student requests a leave of absence?
The University has a shared responsibility to our admitted students. Whenever possible, we want to
keep students registered and making progress toward completing the degree. If students must suspend
their work temporarily for a term or more for a defined set of reasons, they may consider a leave of
absence. Discontinuation is only appropriate for students who are suspending their progress
indefinitely or have left their Ph.D. program without a plan to return.
If a student requests a leave of absence, please consider and review the following materials with your
1. The student is not required to disclose any personal details related to the request to the
graduate program community (faculty, staff, and students). If a student does share personal
information with you, please exercise discretion and honor the student's right to privacy.
2. Please consider and discuss with the student how the following alternatives might
accommodate the student's needs while still allowing him or her to remain registered and make
progress toward the degree even if more slowly than usual:


Source: Awtar, Shorya - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan


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