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Noname manuscript No. (will be inserted by the editor)

Summary: Noname manuscript No.
(will be inserted by the editor)
Context-dependent awareness support in open
collaboration environments
Liliana Ardissono · Gianni Bosio
Received: date / Accepted: date
This paper is published in USER MODELING AND USER-ADAPTED
INTERACTION - The Journal of Personalization Research. ISSN: 0924-
1868. DOI: 10.1007/s11257-011-9100-1.
The final publication is available at
Abstract The widespread adoption of online services for performing work, home
and leisure tasks enables users to operate in the ubiquitous environment pro-
vided by the Internet by managing a possibly high number of parallel (private and
shared) activity contexts. The provision of awareness information is a key factor
for keeping users up-to-date with what happens around them; e.g., with the op-
erations performed by their collaborators. However, the delivery of notifications
describing the occurred events can interrupt the users' activities, with a possible
disruptive effect on their emotional and attentional states.


Source: Ardissono, Liliana - Dipartimento di Informatica, Universitą di Torino


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences