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The Buffer Tree: A New Technique for Optimal I/OAlgorithms ?

Summary: The Buffer Tree:
A New Technique for Optimal I/O­Algorithms ?
(Extended Abstract)
Lars Arge
Department of Computer Science, University of Aarhus, Denmark ???
Abstract. In this paper we develop a technique for transforming an in­
ternal memory tree data structure into an external storage structure. We
show how the technique can be used to develop a search­tree­like struc­
ture, a priority­queue, a (one­dimensional) range­tree and a segment­tree,
and give examples of how these structures can be used to develop effi­
cient I/O­algorithms. All our algorithms are either extremely simple or
straightforward generalizations of known internal memory algorithms ---
given the developed external data structures.
1 Introduction
In the last few years, more and more attention has been given to Input/Output
(I/O) complexity of existing algorithms and to the development of new I/O­
efficient algorithms. This is due to the fact that communication between fast in­
ternal memory and slower external storage is the bottleneck in many large­scale


Source: Arge, Lars - Department of Computer Science, Aarhus Universitet


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences