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WaitFree Made Fast (Extended Abstract)

Summary: Wait­Free Made Fast
(Extended Abstract)
Yehuda Afek Dalia Dauber Dan Touitou
Computer Science Department,
Tel­Aviv University,
Israel 69978.
An implementation of an asynchronous shared­data
structure is wait­free if no adversarial scheduler can stop
an individual operation on the data structure from mak­
ing progress (that is the implementation can tolerate
a fail­stop fault of any number of processes). An im­
plementation is non­blocking if an adversarial scheduler
cannot stop the system from making progress.
Existing wait­free implementations of shared data
structures are slow when contention (processor concur­
rency) is low, namely, they have an \Omega\Gamma n) term in their
time complexity, where n is the total number of pro­
cesses, however their time complexity for each opera­
tion is bounded. On the other hand, non­blocking im­


Source: Afek, Yehuda - School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences