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Background of the petition The petition may look a bit abrupt to some of you, so I would like to explain the

Summary: Background of the petition
The petition may look a bit abrupt to some of you, so I would like to explain the
background. I wrote the initial draft of the petition, partly because most of the abstracts
from my laboratory were rejected, due to the reason that they were "out of scope", and
we are puzzled by such decisions, but also because I do have a serious related concern
about the future of the VSS. The draft was commented and revised by my mentor/friend
members of the VSS, through which process we realized that it would be better to
separate my personal objection, from a more general petition and a proposal to appeal to
a wider membership public. Thus, this additional, personal note.
From our laboratory, we submitted 4 abstracts that featured an identical task (VISUAL
attractiveness judgment) and the same types of VISUAL stimuli (faces, natural scenes
and geometric figures). Three of them were rejected, because they were "out of scope"
series on the same topic: correction made on 2/8>, while the other one was accepted. It
was possibly because it was the only one dealing with patients (autism), but whether it is
"more in scope" for this reason is debatable (one could argue that this is more suitable for
neuropsychological conference). One of the rejected abstracts involved manipulating
perceptual organization between face and hair, thus in terms of "scope" would be a
perfect match for the poster session titled "Face perception: Wholes and parts" which we
know exists this year, according to a member. One of our abstracts was on hindsight


Source: Adolphs, Ralph - Psychology and Neuroscience, California Institute of Technology


Collections: Biology and Medicine