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FORTH-ICS / TR-177 October 1996 Qualitative Detection of 3D Motion Discontinuities y

Summary: FORTH-ICS / TR-177 October 1996
Qualitative Detection of 3D Motion Discontinuities y
Antonis A. Argyros, Manolis I. A. Lourakis,
Panos E. Trahanias and Stelios C. Orphanoudakis
ABSTRACT: This paper presents a method for the detection of objects that move
independently of the observer in a 3D dynamic scene. Independent motion detection
is achieved through processing of stereoscopic image sequences acquired by a
binocular, rigidly moving observer. A weak assumption is made about the observer's
motion (egomotion), namely that the direction of the translational and rotational
components of egomotion are constant in small image patches. This assumption
facilitates the extraction of qualitative information on depth from motion, while
additional qualitative depth information is independently computed from image
stereo pairs acquired by the binocular vision system. Robust regression in the form
of Least Median of Squares estimation is applied within each image patch to test for
consistency between the depth functions computed from motion and stereo. Possible
inconsistencies signal the presence of independently moving objects. In contrast to
other existing approaches for independent motion detection, which are based on the
ill-posed problem of optical flow computation, the proposed method relies on normal
flow fields for both stereo and motion processing. By exploiting local constraints
of qualitative nature, the problem of independent motion detection is approached


Source: Argyros, Antonis - Foundation of Research and Technology, Hellas & Department of Computer Science, University of Crete


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences