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Neuron, Vol. 16, 141149, January, 1996, Copyright 1996 by Cell Press Exposure of Residues in the Cyclic

Summary: Neuron, Vol. 16, 141­149, January, 1996, Copyright ©1996 by Cell Press
Exposure of Residues in the Cyclic
Nucleotide­Gated Channel Pore: P Region
Structure and Function in Gating
Zhong-Ping Sun,1
Myles H. Akabas,2,3,4
composed of fewer than 30 residues, governs ion per-
meation and affects the binding of both external andEvan H. Goulding,2,5
Arthur Karlin,2,4,6,7
and Steven A. Siegelbaum1,8,9
internal channel blockers, it was proposed to form a
-hairpin approximately perpendicular to the plane of1
Department of Pharmacology
Department of Physiology the membrane (Hartmann et al., 1991; Yellen et al., 1991;
Yool and Schwartz, 1991). Given thetetrameric structure6
Department of Biochemistry
Department of Medicine of K channels (MacKinnon, 1991), four such hairpins,
one from each subunit, would surround the pore.7


Source: Akabas, Myles - Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University


Collections: Biology and Medicine