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How to start Macaulay2 Chris Peterson and Hirotachi Abo

Summary: How to start Macaulay2
Chris Peterson and Hirotachi Abo
Macaulay2 is a software system for research in algebraic geometry and in
commutative algebra. This program is available at Macaulay2 home page:
For the course "Algebraic Geometry" in SMI, Macaulay2 has been already
installed, but only in Linux, so take the following steps:
(i) Open a shell window in Windows by clicking the icon SSH Linux on
your desktop.
(ii) Then you'll be asked to enter your account name and password and do
so (you must give your password twice).
(iii) Start Macaulay2 with the command M2 in the shell window:
$ M2
Macaulay 2, version
--Copyright 1993-2001, D. R. Grayson and M. E. Stillman
--Singular-Factory 1.3b, copyright 1993-2001, G.-M. Greuel, et al.
--Singular-Libfac 0.3.2, copyright 1996-2001, M. Messollen
Another way to run Macaulay2 is with emacs. This is maybe the best
way, because some answers can be very wide. emacs does not wrap output
lines and allows you to scroll horizontally to see the rest of the output. The


Source: Abo, Hirotachi - Department of Mathematics, University of Idaho


Collections: Mathematics