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A Novel Lightweight Directory Architecture for Scalable Shared-Memory Multiprocessors

Summary: A Novel Lightweight Directory Architecture for
Scalable Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
Alberto Ros, Manuel E. Acacio and Jos´e M. Garc´ia
Departamento de Ingenier´ia y Tecnolog´ia de Computadores
Universidad de Murcia. 30071 Murcia (Spain)
Abstract. There are two important hurdles that restrict the scalability
of directory-based shared-memory multiprocessors: the directory mem-
ory overhead and the long L2 miss latencies due to the indirection intro-
duced by the accesses to directory information, usually stored in main
memory. This work presents a lightweight directory architecture aimed
at facing these two important problems. Our proposal takes advantage
of the temporal locality exhibited by the accesses to the directory in-
formation and on-chip integration to design a directory protocol with
the best characteristics of snoopy protocols. The lightweight directory
architecture removes the directory structure from main memory and it
stores directory information in the L2 cache avoiding in most cases the
access to main memory. The proposed architecture is evaluated based on
extensive execution-driven simulations of a 32-node cc-NUMA multipro-
cessor. Results demonstrate that the lightweight directory architecture


Source: Acacio, Manuel - Departamento de Ingenieria y Tecnologia de Computadores, Universidad de Murcia


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences