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Instructor: Dr. Asiabanpour Spring 2007 Course: MFGE 4365 Tool Design

Summary: Instructor: Dr. Asiabanpour Spring 2007
Course: MFGE 4365 Tool Design
This document includes ALL comments from students, not just the selected ones.
(Original surveys can be requested from the department of Technology and Engineering)
1- The objectives, activities, content, and/or requirements of this course and
evaluation method.
Good, project is good application of content and hands-on experience.
This course is set up very well. I like the way it is lab intensive.
I believe that the projects were very similar to concurrent engineering. I wish that
we could have jigs and fixtures for our project.
Fair though the project is a bit stressful.
Objectives were clear and requirements were always studied. Education methods
were fair.
I like the idea of designing and building a project for a company. Just make sure
that the project involves actually designing a new project.
All pretty good, I like the hands-on projects.
Some test problems are not as straight forward as the homework and quiz problem
that we had prior to the test.
This course was used as an extension of concurrent. We should have spent more
time designing individual tools and less time doing free work for (deleted: project


Source: Asiabanpour, Bahram - Department of Engineering and Technology, Texas State University - San Marcos


Collections: Engineering