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Effects of Scleral Search Coil Wear on Visual Function Elizabeth L. Irving,1

Summary: Effects of Scleral Search Coil Wear on Visual Function
Elizabeth L. Irving,1
James E. Zacher,2
Robert S. Allison,2
and Murchison G. Callender1
PURPOSE. The scleral search coil is widely regarded as the gold
standard measurement technique for eye movements. The ef-
fect of wearing scleral search coils on human vision has not
been systematically studied. However, there are anecdotal re-
ports of degraded visual acuity, mild eye irritation, and an
increase rise in intraocular pressure (IOP). The current study
was conducted to investigate the effect of scleral search coil
use on visual acuity and ocular integrity.
METHODS. Six subjects were examined; all had previously worn
search coils. Two drops of topical anesthetic were adminis-
tered before insertion of the coils. Coils were inserted by hand
and secured by applying mild pressure. The coils were re-
moved after 45 minutes or on request of either the subject or
the clinician. Before, during (at 15-minutes intervals), and after
the coil was worn, the following measurements were taken for


Source: Allison, Robert - Department of Computer Science, York University (Toronto)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Biology and Medicine