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Phase signature-based image authentication watermark robust to compression and coding

Summary: Phase signature-based image authentication watermark
robust to compression and coding
Farid Ahmed*a
, Ira S. Moskowitzb
The Catholic University of America, Dept. of EECS, Washington, DC, USA 20064
Naval Research Laboratory, CHACS-Code 5540, Washington, DC USA 20375
We present the further development of a watermarking technique that embeds an authentication signal
in an image. In this paper, we concentrate on the JPEG 2000 image format. The detection/extraction
of this signal can then be used to decide whether the image has gone through any intentional malicious
tampering. Therefore, the watermark needs to be fragile to such tampering attacks. On the other hand,
we need to make sure that the authentication is robust to change resulting from the watermarking
process itself, or from necessary changes such as image compression.
We address the robustness against watermarking process issue in two ways. First, we decompose the
image into phase and magnitude values. A signature is then generated from the phase values. In
particular, binary phase-only filters and their variants will are utilized for this. This signature is
subsequently hidden into the magnitude part by a bit-plane embedding technique. The disjoint
operations of signature generation and signature embedding minimize the embedding artifacts of the


Source: Ahmed, Farid - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Catholic University of America


Collections: Engineering