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VIRUS BULLETIN www.virusbtn.com om insulting Symantec and SANS to

Summary: VIRUS BULLETIN www.virusbtn.com
11MAY 2007
om insulting Symantec and SANS to
o Bueno is getting smart at least
thinks. Apparently he added some new
per-hyper-extra-f*****y lame blog.
ay, does not prevent in ANY way the
ur computer. Pedro Bueno is gay, gay,
rd Simmons, that is.
e actually anything other then a
bag you would realize that it was not
p antivirus researchers, just your
kiddy. Yours truely, Author of
ing, since the media hype and blogging
ly has died down, the author seems to
menting his creations. Variants continue to
he handful each day, and show no signs of
ears, for now, that the cat fight has ended.


Source: Aycock, John - Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences