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CSE241 Recitation 5 Handout 1.1 Hashing

Summary: CSE241 Recitation 5 Handout
1 Review
1.1 Hashing
Many real world applications: constant time looking up table, store a password, file checksum for
network transmission, Bloom Filter
To handle collision: chaining (and `probing' when we want to hash items that are fewer than the
table size)
1.2 Heap
What is the Heap property?
Operations on heap: getMax() and insert()
1.3 Binary Search Tree
Insert and delete operation
The worst case of BST's performance?
BST operation: Left and right rotation
BST operation: Insert to the root
BST operation: Random BST has an average case of depth lgn.
Problem 1. Compare hashing and BST, what are the pros and cons?
2 Problems
In the following, there are a few questions on the data structure that we have learned so far. They are
mostly tricks we may want to use sometimes.


Source: Agrawal, Kunal - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences