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Comparative study of vectorial morphological operations in different color spaces

Summary: Comparative study of vectorial morphological operations in different
color spaces
Francisco Ortiz*a
, Fernando Torres*a
, Jesús Angulo**b
, Santiago Puente*a
Department of Physics, Systems Engineering and Signal Theory.
University of Alicante, Alicante (Spain).
Centre de Morphologie Mathématique. Ecole des Mines de Paris, Fontainebleau (France).
In this paper, we present the results of the extension of the mathematical morphology to color images by treating multi-
channel data as vectors. The approach presented here uses the HSI and related color spaces (intuitives). A modification
of the lexicographical order for vectorial processing is developed. The importance of this new method lies on automatic
selection of elements of the HSI and realted color spaces to form an ordering structure. The achievement of the
algorithm is realized through the introduction of a weight factor to reduce the high preference of the first component of
the classic lexicographical order. Experimental results demonstrate the improvement of this new method.
Keywords: Mathematical morphology, color images, vectorial processing.


Source: Angulo,Jesús - Centre de Morphologie Mathématique, Ecole des Mines de Paris


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences