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Livenesspreserving Simulation Relations Paul C. Attie \Lambda

Summary: Liveness­preserving Simulation Relations
Paul C. Attie \Lambda
School of Computer Science
Florida International University
We present a simulation­based proof method for live­
ness properties. Our method is based on simulation
relations [8] that relate the liveness properties of an im­
plementation to those of the specification. Even though
reasoning about liveness is usually associated with rea­
soning over entire executions, variant functions, fair­
ness etc., our method requires reasoning over individual
states/transitions only. It thus presents a significant
methodological advance over current methods.
1 Introduction
One of the main proof techniques for concurrent systems
to emerge recently is that of establishing a simulation [8]
between a specification and its implementation. In this
approach, the specification and implementation are uni­


Source: Attie, Paul - Department of Computer Science, American University of Beirut


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences