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Conference Rankings I promised to send you a website for CS conference rankings. It is at

Summary: Conference Rankings
I promised to send you a website for CS conference rankings. It is at
It is not the only such ranking, but it seems to agree with what I have found in attending conferences.

The rankings are established by committee. It is an interesting concept. The people who are on the
committee to rank conference are anonymous only revealed after their death. The reason is that
people have been really ticked when someone has criticized the conference they
established/organized/attend. Their anger has meant retaliation, discrimination, and even death
threats! (Exciting, huh?)

Here is the explanation I was given by an anonymous member of the committee:
The CS conference raking was initiated by 25 individuals (20 from academia and 5 from government
research agencies). The names will only be disclosed as individuals resign, expire, terminate, or retire.
Prof. David J. Evans (UK) who passed on October 2005 was one of the three who initiated this process.
As to why the names of 25 individuals not being disclosed:
People have very strong feelings against or for venues that they participate in. As an example, see an
extreme case below (follow the links)
Prof. Popescu is the individual who came up with widely accepted Journal Impact Factors (used by all


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences