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April 29, 2010 Dear Eric McDaniel,

Summary: April 29, 2010
Dear Eric McDaniel,
It is a pleasure to inform you that your project, "Conversion of Fossilized Diatom
into Titania Photocatalyst with Preserved Periodic Structural Hierarchy", has been
approved for funding in the 2010 Undergraduate Summer Research and Creative
Activity Program (USRCAP). If you accept this offer, you will receive a stipend of
$2,750. As currently planned, you will receive the disbursement checks as follows:
$850 in early June, $950 in early July, $850 in early August, and $100 when you submit your Final
Report to the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR-UT). The checks will be available from Fran
Molnar (SL1020). We require that you have spent at least 150 hours on your project before we will
release your July check and 300 hours before we will release your August check. If you requested a
supplies/travel budget in excess of $250, this year it will be limited to $250. This money will be
transferred to your faculty mentor's department account. Processing of supplies will be conducted
through her/his department.
You are expected to devote your full attention to your research during the summer period in a manner
agreed upon between you and your faculty mentor. Nominally, the summer research session is scheduled
to begin June 01, 2010, however you may begin your research at a date agreed upon between you and
your faculty mentor. To help facilitate research time management, you will be required to turn in
biweekly time cards to OUR-UT and follow the guidelines as set forth in the Student Research Handbook.
At the end of the project period, you (with editing by your faculty mentor) are expected to furnish the


Source: Azad, Abdul-Majeed - Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Toledo


Collections: Materials Science; Energy Storage, Conversion and Utilization