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CITRIS Final Proposal Extract October 10th The Management of Intellectual Property Rights: Given the nature of the research agenda of the

Summary: CITRIS Final Proposal Extract October 10th
, 2000
The Management of Intellectual Property Rights: Given the nature of the research agenda of the
Institute, and the desire of the participants to maximize the impact of their work, the explicit
protection of intellectual property is expected to be rare. Research results are expected to be openly
and publicly disseminated in a printed publication to the research community. The decision to
protect research artifacts produced in the CITRIS program, and the nature of the licensing model
used for a particular research project, will be determined by the researchers involved and in
agreement with the CITRIS Board of Directors. When protection of rights is recommended, it will
be handled in a manner consistent with University of California Policy and as approved by the
participating campuses. Patents resulting from inventions conceived by one or more CITRIS
research staff members and one or more employees of a CITRIS member company are expected to
be jointly owned by the University of California and the corresponding membercompany.
A key premise of CITRIS is thatall research results produced under the program will be made
immediately available to all participants (to FCMs in all programs and to ACMs in the programs
with which they are directly affiliated) on a non-exclusivebasis. CITRIS will also work with the
University to provide access to background IP on a similar basis wherever it can. Where such
access is not possible, CITRIS staff will inform the Director and the Board as soon as possible.
When intellectual property developed under CITRIS is protected, the researchers involved, the
Director, and the CITRIS Board will choose one of two University sanctioned general approaches,


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences