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Image Classification Using Subgraph Histogram Representation Bahadir Ozdemir, Selim Aksoy

Summary: Image Classification Using Subgraph Histogram Representation
Bahadir ĻOzdemir, Selim Aksoy
Department of Computer Engineering
Bilkent University
Bilkent, 06800, Ankara, Turkey
Abstract--We describe an image representation that com-
bines the representational power of graphs with the efficiency
of the bag-of-words model. For each image in a data set,
first, a graph is constructed from local patches of interest
regions and their spatial arrangements. Then, each graph is
represented with a histogram of subgraphs selected using a
frequent subgraph mining algorithm in the whole data. Using
the subgraphs as the visual words of the bag-of-words model
and transforming of the graphs into a vector space using
this model enables statistical classification of images using
support vector machines. Experiments using images cut from
a large satellite scene show the effectiveness of the proposed
representation in classification of complex types of scenes into
eight high-level semantic classes.


Source: Aksoy, Selim - Department of Computer Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences