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Data is based on EPSRC's current portfolio in January 2009Version 1 HOWTONAVIGATE

Summary: Data is based on EPSRC's current portfolio in January 2009Version 1
Programme remit The research areas covered by the programme
Programme strategy The key priorities / focus areas of work for the programme at present
Research, societal and economic impact Impact of the research area upon other areas of research as well
as upon society and the economy as a whole (for more information see RCUK Definition of Economic Impact)
International links Key international activities led from the programme as well as data on current level of
international engagement in EPSRC grants portfolio
Public engagement Perception of current level of public engagement from research community working
within the remit of the programme, based on data collected from our public engagement portfolio
Major facilities and Infrastructure Relevant EPSRC-funded facilities and infrastructure
Inter-relation with other EPSRC programmes Indicates level of co-funding between programmes as well as
level of collaborative working e.g. joint activities
Programme % of total EPSRC budget (as of January 2009) Percentage of the total EPSRC budget (currently
3.7 Billion) in terms of responsive and managed mode activities, and training. Data are worked out based on
research topics percentage allocation to each individual grant proposal funded i.e. a grant can be split between
several programmes depending on the research topics used for coding a successful award
Funding for `Digital Economy' and `Towards Next Generation Healthcare' mission programmes is included in
the data. However both programmes started in 2008 hence have funded only a few grants so far


Source: Aickelin, Uwe - School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences