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Research article Tracking a moving object with real-time

Summary: Research article
Tracking a moving object with real-time
obstacle avoidance
Chung-Hao Chen, Chang Cheng, David Page, Andreas Koschan and Mongi Abidi
Imaging, Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Tennessee,
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Purpose Aims to develop a robotic platform to autonomously track a moving object
Design/methodology/approach This robotic platform, based on a modular system known as SafeBot, uses two sensors: a visual CCD camera and a
laser-based range sensor. The rigidly mounted camera tracks an object in front of the platform and generates appropriate drive commands to keep the
object in view, even if the object itself moves. The range sensor detects other objects as the platform moves to provide real-time obstacle avoidance
while continuously tracking the original object.
Findings The current approach successfully tracks an object, particularly a human subject, and avoids reasonably sized obstacles, but on-board
processing limitations restrict the speed of the object to approximately 5 km/h.
Originality/value The core technology a moving object tracked by a mobile robot with real-time obstacle avoidance is an integrated system
comprising object tracking on a mobile platform and real-time obstacle avoidance with robotic control. This system is applicable to a variety of
automated applications such as inventory management, industrial palette distribution, and intruder surveillance.
Keywords Computer applications, Video equipment
Paper type Research paper


Source: Abidi, Mongi A. - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tennessee


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences