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To appear in Proceedings of HPCA3 (February, 1997) An Evaluation of FineGrain ProducerInitiated Communication in

Summary: To appear in Proceedings of HPCA­3 (February, 1997)
An Evaluation of Fine­Grain Producer­Initiated Communication in
Cache­Coherent Multiprocessors
Hazim Abdel­Shafi y , Jonathan Hall z , Sarita V. Adve y , Vikram S. Adve [
y Electrical and Computer Engineering / [ Computer Science
Rice University
Houston, Texas 77005
z Intel Corporation
2111 NE 25th Ave, MS JF1­19
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
Prefetching is a widely used consumer­initiated
mechanism to hide communication latency in shared­
memory multiprocessors. However, prefetching is
inapplicable or insufficient for some communication
patterns such as irregular communication, pipelined
loops, and synchronization. For these cases, a combi­
nation of two fine­grain, producer­initiated primitives
(referred to as remote­writes) is better able to reduce
the latency of communication. This paper demon­


Source: Adve, Sarita - Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences